Day 4 – 24.8.09

alright, getting things written down, otherwise i will forget the whole stuff. things are starting to work out in the next days, back to the old travelers flow. i went up early to the Vancouver aquarium in Stanley park, wishing to see their famous beluga family etc. i made it till 11, while strolling trough […]

100 things to do in Vancouver

#1 Go kayaking at Deep Cove and enjoy the scenery along Indian Arm #2 Go on a boat ride from Granville Island weather it is a speed boat, a Aquabus or a False Creek Ferry #3 Enjoy Jazz and Cheesecake at Cheesecake etc.,_Etc./Our_Story.html (They are open from 7pm to 1am) #4 Vancouver has […]

day 4 – 24.8.09

today was a good day. i sleeped well, i had a good hearty breakfeast in the morning sun, i went down to stanley park again with fresh coffee and wet feets, standing in the pacific again, after such a long time, 4 years since i left Sydney. First time i realized, that i am finally […]

Day 3 – 23.8.09

ok i checked out of the „samesun“ hostel, to loud and made a stroll on a shiny sunday morning, couldnt sleep in again, to the next HI youth hostel – lets give this on a try. my cs place dint work out, dosent matter, but from monday to tuesday. this sunday i made it over […]

Day 2 – 22.8.2009

aaah, woke up at 6 in the morning, bunks very noisy like hell and i couldnt sleep anymore. up and downstairs, got some good english breakky and meet fellow travellers. i started to exploring Vancouver! down to the seashore. it is really beautiful, mountains, the sea, ceder woods, i made my way to stanley park, […]