Day 4 – 24.8.09

alright, getting things written down, otherwise i will forget the whole stuff. things are starting to work out in the next days, back to the old travelers flow.

i went up early to the Vancouver aquarium in Stanley park, wishing to see their famous beluga family etc. i made it till 11, while strolling trough lovely lush Stanley Park, watching the wild raccoons playing around, some sea others .. it was very impressive to see belugas live, with calf and everything, but on the other hand, horrible to see such large and intelligent marine mammals being held imprisoned to satisfy stupid kids and families and milk the cash-cow. and yeah research, blabhbah, if u wanna do research do it out in the wild or at least NOT in front of thousands . ah gosh. anyway after the „marine mammal show“ the aquarium just filled up like hell with kids and people, getting on my nerves, me rushing out back to Robson Street, VAN Downtown.

I went down to Gastown to book in my next night, but this time at the Cambie, in the middle of gastown, huge pub/hotel like in Oz. Looking forward to hang around there.

but Jacob gave me a call, said i could sleep as couchsurer at his place so i went up to the HI grab my stuff and a cab and heading down again to robson near stanley park to meet him, before he goes to yoga-class. so me hanging around at the local coffeestore waiting to meet up with.

remember we never saw as before, but he gave me his key to his appartment and say do wahtever u want, have shower, relax … thats whats couchsurfing is about, meeting people, sharing and trusting each other. so i was happy to VAN from above, cause it was on the 9th floor .. nice, scenic view over the city, sunset, big lights up, sea, mountains …

jacob came back at 22, so we went for some japanese dinner. we agree of having some other stuff then sushi/sashimi, ending up with a quite strange experimental plate of food. cool. talkingb eating and went back to his place, talking into night. awesome!