day 4 – 24.8.09

today was a good day. i sleeped well, i had a good hearty breakfeast in the morning sun, i went down to stanley park again with fresh coffee and wet feets, standing in the pacific again, after such a long time, 4 years since i left Sydney. First time i realized, that i am finally on the road again, something i wanted to much, probaly thats why i was giving a shit about the fuckin job in Hamburg – who cares? I am standing right know in the morning sun in vanouver , british columbia, canada, whit as much as i9 want (of course money, but), without plans, without „duties“, without any responsibilities to care for. awesome!

i made my way to the Vancouver Aquarium, while having some fun with more or less wild racoons and squirrls in the park.

the museum was packed with kids and to noisy. of course it was more then a pleasure to see the belugas so close and the calves and everything, but again i start feeling bad for those marine mammals, so close to the water , yet in a tank. i know research, i know conservation, but .. its hard to see these creatures in captivity. they should be free to roam the vast ocean of the icy north, same with dolphins and seaotters … i spend some time there and left, cause it was to full. i asked for some papers or book on the aquarium and research, but nothing just shops full of merch. thats what i am mean, its a all about entertaiment, sic !

but as i said today, the flow was coming back. eric wrote me i should come up to whistler, can stay there for as much as i want, we should hike etc. great! and jacob wrote i can stay tonight at his place as couchsurfer.

yeah! thats what i mean. so i went down to check out the „cambie“, cause the „Youth Hostel“ was shit too, and end up in a real cool place. booked in for tommorrow! a big pub downstairs, old, rusty and loud. reminds me of the great pubs in australia. and on wednsday i will drive up into the mountains to whistler.

so! verythings is perfect. me just sitting in a cafe, writing, jacob just gave me a key to his appartment. he has yoga lessons now and will be back for the 22. probably we will have some dinner. would love to try some cheap japanes stalls here on robson street. isnt it amazing with couchsurfing. i mean, we both know each other and he just gave my a key, invited me to stay at his place. so much trust, how cool.

so whats up 2morrow? checking out „commercial drive“ (should be kind of former kind suburb to be and the moa- first nation culture) then heading to the Cambie, and at the evening there is the regular CS meeting in town. wednsday to whistler and beyond.