Day 1 – 21.8.2009

Everything went well, flight was good, but boring (no movies, i means just crap) and the xxl-super-seat, was a joke. no big advantages, anyway its quite a distance from germany.
i saw my beloved icy island down there, and tought, how strange to fligh over RYK now – yeah is miss iceland.
lucky mushroom i am i saw quite a lot of snowy greenland, awesome how the glaciers made their way down into the water. iceblocks everywhere. its cool to fligh at daytime. and then canda, so vast, so big , so many lakes and it seems it never ends …
the 16-year-old right next to me, was quite strange. i just read one „sportbild“ magazin in 9 hours and even resist to smalltalk with me. the youth of today, without internet they are nothing. menawhile i finished SPEX, NEON and MONOCLE , starting again VINELAND and was quite happy at all. some chitchat with the the stewardess (yes, finally afters years no guys in my row) and we talk about airberlin, ltu and so on.

me arriving in vancouver, b.c., canada at 14:00 local time, means 22:30 back home, i made it through customs with a smile and heading into down with the skytrain – easy as hell and so „natural“ being in an different environment, getting all things together. i wonder, why so many people struggle ..

made it to the „samesun“ backpackers. just packed with aussis. cool, no worries and even „aussie rules football“ at the „beaver“ – the pub. good signs.

meeting my roomates, bad signs. 2 germans. no problem at all, but those kind of germans, who just complain about the country, they travel. horrible, just horrible. its not cheaper, then home, there is no this and that, blabhabha.

to make it short, i asked the reception, if it was a joke to put me to the grumpy germans, they laught any said, the next perdson in the room, will be not german.

anyway, it had a walk around downtown and of course, its same like everywhere in the new world, skycrappers, all the chains, blocks and squares and … boring.

somehow i made it till 22 localtime, which is 5 in the morning – german time …

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  1. But you definitely do have a deck to hack things in!
    Great work … Now I really have something for my coffee breaks.

    And off diving into your words …

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