sunny! of course, just costa rica, but whatever! last night, hanging around with my mates, watching soccer, having a few beers and afterwards straight to the „tonhalle“ to enjoy the sunset over düsseldorf. called it nice evening, with shitty music (come on! who needs „tlc“, digger? thats grose! ), to much „brandy“, but fine for blowing off some steam aka being pissed-up (considering that my SLR sucked and i lost the work off one bloody week!) you know what i mean ; -)

now, i can go back to buisness, relaxed and smooth (no posh-wank involved!). what do we learn again? guys are just so predictable and close to some kind of ape-like thing; give them some soccer, some beer, some music and a lot of charming girls and everything in the whole universe is just pukka.