Day 3 – 23.8.09

ok i checked out of the „samesun“ hostel, to loud and made a stroll on a shiny sunday morning, couldnt sleep in again, to the next HI youth hostel – lets give this on a try. my cs place dint work out, dosent matter, but from monday to tuesday.

this sunday i made it over flase creek to granville island, nice public market with great food and arts&craft stuff, esp. the brewing company was my favorite an i sample some beer from the microbrewery. meet some english guy and we both we saking about the raspberry beer. holy! after chilling in the sun, i made my way to „mountain eqipment co-op“ the hike gear place to be! guess what., this is the new world and every bloody shop is OPEN ON SUNDAY. and its packed with people. is brilliant! spend some money on some gear to get me prepared for vancouver island and the west coast trail. need to call the rangers on monday !!

back in the west end i made a stroll through this nice pink suburb and it feels great to see all the gay boys hanging around. at least some kind of alternative or counter-culture.

while eating some pacific salamon burger teryiaki style i was not in a good mood. dont know why but the first 2-3 days seems kind of struggling, no flow, now response from some couchsurfers, downtown, quite boring and .. i dont know. maybe being alone again, seeing so many no things, cant share theme, maybe my age (most travellers you meet are around 20 – 30), but in the e4nd, i decide to just give myself, my body and mind more time to adopt to the wild again.

at least infrastructure here is brilliant. everywhere coffeeshops (of course starbucks, …) and wi-fi access for free. refill of your own mugs and 7eleven and dr. pepper and pizza slices for 1 dollar and sushi and and and …

so i went to bed early again, but tried another beer in the famous „railroad club“ pub, no live-band, be i will come back. nice „alternative“ pub/place to see bands and listen to some music.