Day 2 – 22.8.2009

aaah, woke up at 6 in the morning, bunks very noisy like hell and i couldnt sleep anymore. up and downstairs, got some good english breakky and meet fellow travellers.

i started to exploring Vancouver! down to the seashore. it is really beautiful, mountains, the sea, ceder woods, i made my way to stanley park, and surrounded it. beaches, waterplanes, the pacific, totem poles and a lot of vancouvians just being sporty. in general, it fells like being in the us, but there are so many asians around it feels more like tokyo. and everybody seems to be active: running, cycling, walking.

after surrounding stanley park, i when up to the „west end“, the gay-suburb, quite nice and open, lot of small buildings, bars, nightclub and specific shops. just think san francisco. arriving back at the hostel, i tried to relax an plan a little bit, but i was again very tired and even that it was saturday night, i went to bed at 23. before i had a few beers with some Aussies. the put a Aussie girl in our room, which didn’t show up until the next morning. i discovered that the „long-term“ Aussies, where partying hard in a kind of „back-room“. i got in some arguments with this German guy when he starts again complaining. i said, when everything is so shity, why he is stil here? that it is his choice to be on the road. if he don’t likes it, just fuck off … stupid assholes, of course it was is plan b, cause his apprenticeship didnt work out and today everybody just need to pimp his CV. blabhabh.

tell u what, i had those people so much. traveling is far more then just „having a sabbatical“ or shit like that. how should i respect people, who just be around cause the boss or the parents say its good for you? bloody hell.