… it seems not much happening from the outside, but its far from ordinary, quite a lot of things are underway and i feel good about it to just „be here“ right know. not away, not even mentally. no thoughts about exotic places. kind of everyday life. not the life of a drifter and traveler, more like you average Joe.

the usual struggle about money is nothing to worry about, its just a big fckin hassle! still more concerned to find a goal, a destiny and something i care about and make money with it to support my life.

i started to play the ukulele, my spirit is strong to do kendo again after month of struggle and of course i want to run more (aiming for 15 -21k end of this year!). i definitely need to cut down on beer and swap to spirits –  seriously! too much beer, to much calories 😉

talking about beer, i wanna do my own micro brew for the summer. homemade summer ale, light and crispy! looking forward to do it & try it out.anybody want to join me on this journey?

A few conferences, planing city trips to Berlin, Vienna and Copenhagen. Hiking the Saxony Swiss in Germany in late spring, maybe spending hopefully some time around the Baltic sea or Atlantic Ocean in summer, and maybe California is up in Autumn again, to finish off the year with some snowboarding in the Alps!

Would really love to make some proper money to do all the things i wanna do. so much to do in life, aye? diving, surfing, snowboarding, kendo, books, traveling, concerts & festivals, hiking and good coffee! i need to push my own business! I spend way too much time on other peoples projects and stuff I CAN’T make money with. Not taking mine serious! need to focus, fast!

eating!  not much milk and yoghurt anymore, no meat in the last couple of month, no fish this year and i am in a really good mood about it. need to eat more greens and fruits! i will try hard to eat no meat as much as i can, but the BBQ season is coming up! on the other side it feels ok for ME to eat a little bit of meat as long as its eco-friendly/sustainable  and not more then once or twice a month. urgs!

talking about feeling good. I’m actually in pretty damn good mood, hell yeah, there is an awesome girl i totally adore and it feels great! not to be a lonely soul anymore! no cowboy attitudes at the moment! probably the best start into a fresh year i can imagine!