backup concepts

mindmap :-)

not so easy. to get the right amount of layziness and security together. so what did do?!

  1. cause i use os x i got time machine, which runs on a small 250gb external hd on his own. means a month of backup security.
  2. all my media and backups are in1 external 750gb fw hd, so i bought another external fw 1tb hd, to clone the first one. probably i will use „superduper“ or „carbon copy cloner“ to to this on a weekly base. a raid wouldn’t make sense as AFAIK. why? what would be my advantage? we are talking desktop, macbook pro, just a bunch of data per day
  3. i backup all the bills, invoice and clients data in crypted vaults with „knox“ to „dropbox“ – so even if my local system fucks up or on the road, i have the important clients work save! and all the paperwork for paying tax etc. I can access Dropbox from everywhere, but the only real problem is, i need a mac to mount those vaults AFAIK. would be nice to do this also in case of emergency on non-mac systems like Linux.
  4. svn for all the web work on the server -> webspaces for clients and development
  5. as another means of saftyneness i made a whole backup oft the system and bootable, means with the second external drive i can boot up via firewire and run the system from the whole media and system files are on-hand