Komdu (or details for leaving the rock)

i booked me flights out from this rock, means flying down to Reykjavik on the 1st of October, then taking the plane to Copenhagen on the 4th and heading from there back to Dusseldorf the morning of the 7th.

what does this means? First, i have 3 days in Reykjavik, even a last Friday-„Runtur„, next day soaking in at theBlá Lónið.„, flying for 3 days to Copenhagen, have an nice „nights out“ on Saturday, too. Some arty museums on Sunday and Shopping for new Glasses on Monday. perfect plan, i would say!

BUT, we all hopefully see us at my place in duesseldorf on the evening of the 7th, cause i have birthday on the 8th.

So I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A “ OMG, HE MADE IT BACK HOME, AGAIN“ and „B*DAY“- PARTY in once: serving Brennivín, Hákarl or other dishes of þorramatur, incl. hunderts of boring whale pictures to you!

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  1. … as times goes by …

    That was it already?

    So you could already think about a team-up with our new trip to southern Kungsleden … 🙂

  2. Still making stitched pics. Sorted 50%. Should get online day per day from upcoming saturday (incl. GPS-maps).

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