New shinny website and the ProtestCamp is near Reykjavik. Directions to the Camp are here

„The 4th Saving Iceland action camp has now begun in a beautiful threatened geothermal valley beside Hellisheiðisvirkjun in the Hengill area, where it will target the expansion of the geothermal power station for the Grundartangi plant and other Southwestern heavy industry projects. (1) Tis year activists from Iceland, Australia, America, Denmark, Germany, Britain, Holland, France, Belgium and Italy amongst others have joined the campaign as information about the destruction of Iceland’s wilderness has spread. This year the campaign will focus specifically on the humanitarian effects of Aluminium production, from the genocides associated with mining in India, South America, Jamaica and more, to the use of Aluminium for arms manufacture and the defence industry (2).

A week of international Saving Iceland solidarity actions will take place from July 21st to 27th in different European countries. Moreover a specialised conference with respected Indian writer and Aluminium expert Samarendra Das and Andri Snær will examine the idea of “green Aluminium” and the effects of the Aluminium industry in the Third World, (July 23 at Reykjavikur Akademia).