the day, gary gygax died (and all nerds cry)

he was probably the most influentiel person of my youth: D&D Co-FounderGary Gygax died yesterday as Laughing squid reports

in the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, pen & paper roleplaying-games like D&D, Rolemaster, MERP, Shadowrun or Tabletops like Battletech where, before the rise of the computer and electronic game culture, the official playground for all things nerd.

we gathered together, played and drunk, more chitchat than dice roling, but with a lot of DIY-approach and restless souls, to create characters and worlds. sadly, twenty years later, the kids have no clue, what a TW+3, or 1D20 means. we are old, man! And youth is gone

…D&D was the beginning, WoW is now the end. sleep well, gary!

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  1. Ah. Verstehe … ist ja auch eigentlich richtig so in D. Sorry. Dann schmeiß doch mal meinen manuellen Kommentar und diesen hier weg … 😉

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