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08/15/2002: "Fearless"


we are not yet. But it's easy to get lost in the Midwest. Noone hears you scream for miles and miles in the desert. This posting will be for our English-speaking readers. We are still alive. Henny is sick and tired of camping, Dan loves the wasteland and despises the heat, Gregor pisses off every human individual that crosses his path and me and Simona get up early in the morning just to see another breathtaking sunrise on top of red-colored stonedesert mountains...

Gotta go. More soon!

To the Lady of the Lake:
The drought makes me thirsty for your cool, quenching waters... :)

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We'll pick you up any time and will haul you with us on top of the thundering wagon of vengence with the wheels of fire turning to your mesmorizing chants...

7 day drinking supply appreciated...

frank said @ 08/20/2002 12:40 AM CET


finally a message the germanically challenged can read! thanks for thinking of us.

do you pick up hitchhikers? perhaps you need a faerie amongst you to keep you cool, sane, and happy? she even comes with a 7 day drinking supply....

LOL said @ 08/17/2002 12:09 AM CET

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