"the MoviX project is a series of three different tiny Linux CD distributions containing all the software to boot from a CD and play multimedia files through the MPlayer, the best multimedia player in the Unix world: :

eMoviX: a micro Linux distro meant to be embedded in a CD together with all video/audio files you want, so that the CD will be able to boot and automagically play all files;

MoviX: a mini CD Linux distro able to boot directly from CD and load in RAM a console interface to MPlayer. From the interface you can easily play DVDs, VCDs, audio/video files Audio CD, internet radios, TV, you name it!

MoviX2:same as MoviX, but it makes use of X and makes use of the nice MPlayer GUI.

Supported formats are all formats supported by MPlayer, most noticeably DivX and XviD but more in general any AVI, MPG, QuickTime, WMV, ASF, MP3, OGG/VORBIS and a few others.

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