SO muss musik im netz vertrieben werden! wow!

unter http://www.gametab.com/files/monotonik.php findet sich der _gesamte_ backkatalog von monotonik! alle releases komplett seid 1999 via bittorrent. unglaublich! gross! danke! "We've decided to start distributing our label catalog via BitTorrent, with each ZIP file having anywhere between 60 and 100 freely distributable mp3 tracks in it, representing all our catalog since we started releasing mp3 in early 1999. If you haven't tried our label before, expect mellow and melodic 'idm' electronic music alongside bleep-inflected retro videogame soundtrack stylings, plus smatterings of more uptempo breakbeat, drum and bass, and 'nu chill', especially in the Mono211 sublabel. To get an idea of our style, we've featured artists who've released on Warp, Rephlex, Pork, DeFocus, Neo-Ouija, Planet Mu, Sony, and lots more. " Posted by dan at 17.08.03 15:26 | TrackBack
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