tim o'reilly über mosx

(...) than Mac OS X, a perfect and perfectly welcome storm in a three-year industry lull, set up by an unlikely convergence of Mac users, Windows switchers and hackers drawn to the promise of one system, many solutions."

"(...)Hackers for Mac OS X
“What makes it hacker friendly is the cool cutting edge functionality. With Rendezvous and iChat you can just open up and see who’s around. At our Mac OS X conference we created an on-floor, ad hoc network.”

"(...)“In the hacker community, Apple is really benefiting from the fact that, for people who have a choice, their primary system is a laptop. And if they have a choice about that, their primary system is a Mac laptop.”

Tim O' Reilly bei apple.com über MOSX.

"Hey Tim, alles toll, nur wie sieht es mit Dingen wie Copyleft, Standards etc aus? MOSX wird immer propritär bleiben, Standards hin oder her. leider ... anderseits der ganzen kde/gnome kram rockt mal garnicht. von daher dann doch lieber aqua."

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