see for ya self!

poste eigentlich nicht so gerne url-listen, aber diese hier sollten immer wieder gepostet werden:

www.adbusters.org - Canadian culture-jammers magazine

www.alternativeradio.org - Audio and transcripts from important journalists.

www.amnesty.org - Amnesty International

www.corpwatch.org - Keeping on top of what the corporations are up to

www.copvcia.com - Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away - from The Wilderness Publications

www.disinfo.com - Cultural and political site.

www.ethicaljunction.com - The name says it all

www.genewatch.org - Which companies are patenting which genes.

www.guerrillanews.com/cocakarma - Alternative news source

www.indymedia.org - Alternative media site

www.mcspotlight.org - Mcdonalds watch.

www.monbiot.com - Author of 'captive state' about UK corporate takeover

www.nologo.org - Site set up after Naomi Klein's book

www.oxfam.org - Oxfam

www.soaw.org - School of americas (now renamed) watch site. America's own terrorist training camp for Latin American dictators.

www.stayfreemagazine.org - NY-based magazine looking at commercialism in American culture

www.stopesso.com - Boycott site for Exxon

www.stopesso.com/pdf/Dirty Tricks.pdf
Detailed report of Exxon's sabotage of the Kyoto protocol

www.theonion.com - USA satirical online magazine

www.theyrule.net - How the corporations are connected.

www.wdm.org.uk - World Development Movement

http://zmag.org/Chomsky/ - Noam Chomsky archive

taken from matthewherberts site: http://www.themechanicsofdestruction.org/

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