fein, mm reykjavik concert

hui, die "friends of random summer"-ml ist doch immer was wert:

Hello kids! I've just updated the site with this info:
"Ras 2, the Icelandic state radio, will be broadcasting some interesting
live recordings during Easter:
April 17 @16:04 mm at the Reykjavik National Theater 31.08.02
April 18 @16:03 Nick Cave at Broadway, Reykjavik 10.12.02
April 20 @16:05 Sigur Rs at Hsklab, Reykjavik 13.12.02

All hours are Icelandic time. To listen visit www.ruv.is and
push "I beinni"-->"Ras 2"
Source: Badtaste

ach ich hab ja noch garnicht meinen artikel zu island (und die dortige popmusik) freigeschaltet: ich liebe island :-)

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