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08/24/2002: "for the strange englishspeakers"

hi folks, this one is gonna be in english, for we met loads of people that we gave this web-page to.
i am usually the last one who is posting so that the stories might have been told allready....latte!!

where to start...lets do it temperature wise: we fled from badlands because of a tiny little afternoon wind!!!!!! (that was actually able to throw over a full can of beer standing on the table {at the bus stop in nowhereland}). hit rocky "fuckin' freezin'" mountain natl. park, where wildlife is today as it was in europe before the last iceage. at least no ranger tried to shoot henny (oh, look, a mad bear!). HIGH DESERT: what the f*** is a high desert? i tell ya. it is pretty hot, pretty empty, very beautiful and has monsters in it. vegas was even hotter, like you are stuck in a hair dryer, but vegas rocks!! now we are in sf and enjoy ourselfs. pretty good party yesterday, but the friday night is still to come...

PS: hi mama fino, thanks again for your kindness, you live in a really beautiful setting...keep the car!!!

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