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08/22/2002: "Van 4 sale!!!"


One Cowgirl and 4 Germans have safely made it to the left side. Damn good to be home (says Simona).

Now we need to sell our Pimpin' Van. 1990 LE150 Dodge Ram, 190,000 Miles, 5.2 Liter Engine, Good Condition/Runs Great, New Alternator, Maroon, Leopard Print Ceiling (Disco Ball Included - Disco Dancers NOT included except by special arrangement). $2,700 OBO. Must sell by September 13th.

Call Simona at 415-861-4850 or email dan Wilker at fw37@cornell.edu or post an answer to this ad and we will get back to you as soon as possible...

You will also be able to take a peek at this pimpin' mobile on the Burning Man playa!

Cowgirl Simona and the Germans

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